It’s called Sockey!

Today I was a n00b. Sometimes you wake up, start the day with something n00bish, and then you just know your day's goin' to hell right then. But today even though I was a n00b in the morning; the rest of the day turned out quite well. I got up 30 minutes late, got ready for school, then I look at my watch and it's 7:40 and start to freak out. I didn't wanna be late to class again. I rush over to school and as I arrive there I look at my watch again and it's 7:40. So I start thinking OK maybe the battery ran out so I glance over to my cellphone and it's 7:40. See, this watch I'm wearing is analogue. It's my first analogue watch. Ever. o_o So I'm still in a transition period and at least this time I wasn't late because I can't read time but early, so it's not so bad.

So that was a pretty n00bish start to my day but after that it's been quite pleasent. I went to the common room to check out what my friends were doing and there these girls hand me a brochure and tell me to run for a position in the student government. After much pursuasion from my friends *lie* I sign up and now I'm a running for President of the Student Government of DAH!
Later on in the day on my way out of school I see my friends all playing some kinda soccer game so I join in. It was a blast. Although being a nerd who -more often than I'd like- conforms to the stereotype, I'm not much of a sportsplayer. So I was getting pwned 'til I leveled up and acquired my Mighty Stick of Doom! Thus inventing SoccerHockey. Soccerkey. Sockey! >_> I don't see it growing to more than a cult hit though *sigh* But I discovered something in this hour of mindless fun with my friends. I miss hanging out with friends. Friends. Buddies. Peers with no title before their first names. I was so engrossed with my schoolwork and my job that I didn't really make time to hang out with friends. I'm also a little guilty of being more than a bit of a loner. It's not that I don't like people. It's just really awkward for me. I'm just not comfortable around people. Not like I am with cats… and Macs. I like sitting at my cluttered desk at home with my self-built PC and hiding under my dual monitors and gaming the day away. But I guess I didn't realize I miss being around people. So from now on I plan on spending more time with friends ^-^ They're cool people and I should be spending more time with them. I don't want my memories of college to all involve sitting behind a monitor.
Now that you'd hear me nerd rant you get to see some art. ^-^ This is one of the previous topics from Illustration Friday. I remembered it today because it rained (for the first time in a really long time here in Jeddah) and all the bugs started comin out and I, being the entomophobe that I am, ran back inside when everyone was standing around happily in the rain >_< I suxx0rz.

Illustration Friday: Insect
Praying Mantis
A praying mantis in pen and ink


One Response

  1. LOL @ Socky

    I used to play that actually with friends back in school; swiped some brooms when the custodian wasn’t looking :p

    I too tend to be a recluse; mostly by choice tho, as lately I find my time is more productive when I’m not hanging out with the same ol’ ppl talking about the same ol’ nonsense. It’s still nice to chill out every now and then; and thankfully my friends don’t take my long absences too personally :p

    I am continuously amazed by your art ch1xx0r ๐Ÿ˜€ excellent stipplin’ work ๐Ÿ™‚

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